"Drain out your live wells; drain out your bilge tanks
Those future generations will give you many thanks"
                    Lyrics from Clean Boats, Clean Waters

Song: Clean Boats, Clean Waters

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Description: This rockabilly-inspired country song offers some straight-forward advice for protecting the future of our lakes - it's easy - just clean your boat when moving from one body of water to another.   

Singer/Songwriter: James T. Spartz

LYRICS: Clean Boats, Clean Waters

Clean boats, clean waters – for the future of our lakes
Clean boats, clean waters – a few steps is all it takes
To keep our waters clean, clean your boat every day
You take it out a-fishing or when you take it out to play

Talking aquatic invasive species, pre-vention

That curly leaf pond weed, it’s come a long, long way
Eurasian water-milfoil, well it might be hard to say
But it’s worth a little look when you pull up on the shore
Stop these invasive species; we don’t want them any more

Reed Canary Grasss
Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (but you can call it VHS)

We’ve got them zebra mussels and these spiny water fleas
Take some time to do your part now, would you please
Drain out your live wells; drain out your bilge tanks
Those future generations will give you many thanks

To stop aquatic hitchhikers from getting a free ride
Inspect your boat and trailer, front and back and side to side
Clean off that debris… throw it in the trash can
Drain out all your water; yeah, let it splash, man...

© James Travis Spartz 2009

Singer/Songwriter: James T. Spartz

Singer Songwriter Scott Gatzke

James T. Spartz, M.A., is a graduate student and performing songwriter in Madison, WI. As a Ph.D. student in the Department of Life Sciences Communication at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, James studies environmental communication and social marketing. Mixing his background as a songwriter with interests in environmental sustainability,

James wrote a catchy folk/country ditty about aquatic invasive species using pre-existing slogans from the “Clean Boats, Clean Waters,” “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers,” and the “Inspect, Clean, Drain” social-marketing campaigns. Learn more about James as an independent artist and with his band, Jim James and the Damn Shames.


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